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To build a dynamic team of millennials in the real estate industry


Empowering individuals to serve clients with integrity and real estate knowledge a cut above the rest

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Chris Tee Division is a young and dynamic team of individuals who are driven and committed to provide the best service, and sharing unparalleled knowledge to ensure that clients make informed property decisions. As part of ERA Preeminent Group, we strive to deliver excellence to our clients and bringing the best out of our associates.


In CTD, a strong platform is created to support and groom our associates. Living in a rapidly changing society, we are constantly advancing and progressing. We believe in having the ability to be flexible and adapting to the ever-changing circumstances, hence we provide realtor trainings and insights from industry leaders on building your business models, learning to perform at your optimum, further honing your skills as a real estate agent.


As millennials, CTD believes that one thrives working in an open culture environment with like-minded people. We learn from one another, sharing across different divisions as we work hard, play hard, take care of each other – like a family.


Let us help you build your business, grow your team, and fulfil your dreams together!



1. Division Trainings

Curated trainings by CTD to provide knowledge, imparting skills, sharing tips and insights that are imperative to the growth and success of a realtor

2. On-Job Trainings (OJT) 

Opportunities to be out in the field and providing practical trainings by learning on the go with your mentor

3. One-to-One Mentor Review

Keeping track of your progress with a monthly review to fine-tune pitching and presentation skills and refining their business model to run at its optimum.



Team as Family, Family as Team

Work in an open culture environment with like-minded people. Overcoming challenges or celebrating success, CTD will be there with you every step of the way.

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